20. Considerations in buying the air conditioner.

When you are deciding to buy AC unit, we would like to have a great quality and want to use a long time, without taking into repair shops frequently. Buying appliances like air conditioner must be considerations in buying as well.

Considering to buy air conditioner or you have some information can help you decide to buy AC unit, you will know advantage, each type of air conditioner which air con will save power electric.

The first consideration in buying the air con, should your air conditioner to be appropriate to the size of the room, also known as BTU.  If your air conditioner has a high BTU, but your room is small, it make air conditioner will not operate efficiently, not worth the purchase price, because of the high BTU air conditioner prices are more expensive. If you choose to buy low BTU air conditioner will to work hard.

The second should to buy AC unit label number 5 this information everyone know well but Air con service need to recommend to know more is EER, if you see EER and we would like you buy because it is save power electric.

The third you have to see after sale-service, you must to choose the trust company, sale electric appliance a long time. Information that must be installed by specialists in particular by finding out more on after-sales service.

The fourth is to look at the design and other special features. We want and considerations that are worth the price we lost. As additional features, the buyer wants such as silence or other air purification technology.

Buying air con must through the analysis. Considering the already significant it allows us to have a worthwhile product and also use for a long lifespan.