The air conditioner drip water and solve by your own self.

Sometimes we may encounter problems with our air conditioner drip out, perhaps there was water dripping out of that water will flood the room. Some people may solve the problem by finding a container for water drops, it is quite complicated, and today Air con service have method to solve problem AC unit water drip out, Air con service will help you solve by yourself without air technician.

Cause problems with air and water droplets. Usually at the cooling coil there are several reasons below.

  1. If we see the water coming out the overflow side and front of the air conditioner, this may be due in part to the tray drain or sewer is clogged up. We have to clean air conditioner by using a high-pressure water, in order to clogged come out.
  2. If we find that there is a drop in the refrigerant tubes, this case is probably caused by condensation of water in that area air duct. You have to change lagging pipes, this helps reduce condensation in the area.
  3. If the water dripping out front of air conditioner and you have to solve already, but you use air conditioner a week and water dripping out again, this Air con service recommend you to remove evaporator air and installation again, because install air conditioning is not standard.
  4. If you see water dripping out on the side air conditioner, the cause your sewer inside is not tight.

Air con drops of water problems can be solved simply by yourself, mostly we found that the air conditioner water dripping out 4 reason we explain above. If you observe, and four of the above, it was found that air drops are still there. This we should call an experienced technician to repair the air conditioner is better.