Air conditioner may do you bad health!

Air conditioner give convenience and easily with us, Air con service will tell you about air conditioner. We use air conditioner all the time event you are working and you go to bed, one thing you have to know about air con that Air con service to give you some tips.

 Bad result.

  1. We are in the room closed may make ventilated very difficult, it was not open to the sunlight coming through a window. You may have to live with germs that may be on a mattress, pillow, your doll or blanket. That’s reason, no doubt, if you feel sick easily, so do not forget to maintain clean air con and bedding as well.
  2. You may a headaches occur because you live in a warm place and then you live at the room air conditioner, make your body get cold sudden and your body can not adjusted, make your blood vessels adapt quickly. Affect your headaches.
  3. To get cold from the air conditioning for a long time, may cause dry skin and your eyes feel dry.
  4. Air conditioner have not been cleaned and it will accumulation virus, germ. The more we are in an air conditioned room with several people live together, it often has many phobias accumulated in it.

How to prevent.

  1. We should reduce use air conditioner, if the weather is not too hot. Or to use the fan instead.
  2. Turn on the air con temperature generous enough. May be set at around 25 degrees Celsius, it should not be too cold.
  3. Respiratory our dry, we could attack the disease more easily. Do not let us feel the respiratory area nose or throat is too dry, should be used mask to maintain some moisture.
  4. Add moisture to your skin by applying moisturizer. And drink a lot of water. Open the window and curtains for ventilation out.