The basic way to help your air conditioner work more efficiently.

We must first understand why we need to enhance the air conditioner, Air con service will tell you the performance of the air conditioner so much important. Air con service will tell you more about air conditioner. To have air conditioner high efficiency will help in saving power. And assist in extending the lifespan of the longer fully effective, it will allow us to get value for the price paid. Let’s see how we will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

  1. Regularly monitor leakage of cooling. We must see that the area where the temperature often creep out. Where the air leaking out often makes the compressor work harder, loss of energy go to 30% while cooling.
  2. Turn off lights that are not needed. To turn on the light, then there may be a thermal energy may disturb the operation of air conditioner. Air con must work harder. So, turn on the lights, only one you used is sufficient.
  3. Should have a ventilation fan installed. Sometimes we could open a room about few minutes before the start turn on air conditioner, because must heat ventilation out a room, the heat that may interfere with the air of our work harder. But the use of exhaust fans that will help us work more efficiently air conditioner.
  4. Should clean and inspection air conditioner. To cleaning air conditioner frequently is to make your air conditioner work more efficiently. To inspection air conditioner is like our annual physical examination. We have to see spare part of damage air conditioner.
  5. Clean the air conditioner filter frequently. Air conditioner filters are often installed before coming to us. So if we don’t much about cleaning it often result in various dust wipes. We feel that the performance of the air condition is reduced.
  6. Check for obstructions in air conditioner cooling. To have something obstacles to areas of cooling, make our air conditioner will not work fully. Therefor we are always to look the air conditioner.

To maintaining for air conditioning efficiency is good, therefor, Air con service want to take care or maintain your own air conditioner, air conditioners are very important for us.