The cautions installation of CCTV camera.

As you know, it’s just that the installation of CCTV has many benefits, but installation of CCTV camera has also cautions as well. We should study cautions on installing CCTV camera.

Precautions to install surveillance cameras are as follows.

  1. CCTV technician. Should be checked while installing a transparent and accurate, in some cases, it may be installed using a stolen password to access the camera. This allows technicians to access the CCTV those of us at any time.
  2. We may own the actual CCTV camera but we put a picture of the person to be released to the public, we may sue if those picture if they didn’t get consent from the person in the photo such as we may have pictures from surveillance cameras in our convenience store, We have already published our customers see it as a comical event. Then leads to social network the person in the picture has not consented to the release. May cause damage to the person in the picture and we, the publisher being sued for damages.
  3. We should maintain the code file access surveillance video carefully, not just simply prevent anyone else from accessing our CCTV cameras but prevent the video from the camera to reproduce or distribute, which could cause the reputation of any person or entity.

Installing CCTV has both advantages and disadvantages although the advantages of CCTV will help us in terms of security but downside should be aware of the CCTV we may not violate the privacy rights without knowing it. So this is the best solution Keeping the code that we take our access to images from surveillance cameras very important. However, if we feel the abuse of privacy in CCTV should let the police know and will prosecute the law correctly.