How to check the air conditioner has a problem and not cool.

For those who use the air con then it turns on that the air conditioner is running. It is not cool at all, today Air con service we have an article that will be presented in the solution when faced with this event. Air con service would you to know the source, it will help us to solve the problem more exactly.

  1. First all for, it should be focused on remote air well before. It can be caused by the emission of hot air that we chose the wrong mode, maybe you adjust high temperature.
  2. After checking the Remote and found nothing wrong. The temperature in normal conditions, try to make sure that the room we had a gap where air may leak out or not. And check for equipment or supplies that might create heat disturbing function of the air conditioner.
  3. After the check in section 1 and section 2, it is also not found any irregularities. Try to see if the air enabled it. But the Air compressor it’s still running and it is not cool.
  • Air conditioner is dirty and you should bring the air conditioner to clean.
  • Air cleaners may not be enough for cooling, we should check the refrigerant it. Usually fill the air cleaners at least 2 times a year.
  • The air refrigerant it sometime will block up, you have to change some spare part, check for air con often brings us to know which parts is damages and it has to change immediately.
  1. In addition, air conditioner is not cool and also has loud disturbed, these events can be caused by Air con that dirty. The fix is to regularly clean air con with high pressure water outlets are often at least 4 times per year. Or be caused by motor Swing front air con damage.

Mentioned on it, it’s just how you notice the initial source of the problem. The most common as stated at the beginning, then. If you know what the cause is? Was able to solve problems on the spot even more.