How do you choose to buy CCTV security camera?

If are you looking for to buy the CCTV security camera, this article can help you sure, at present CCTV began as the public’s attention more and more. Adoption at home, office and store, therefore, the purchase of CCTV, it should be one of things you should know before you go to buy a camera to install.

  1. Considering the quality of CCTV.

The CCTV security with high quality it can use for a long time, May use for more than five years, CCTV security with high quality mostly made from USA, Japan, of course high quality the price is expensive as well. But if you want to get CCTV security on a limited budget, may choose to buy CCTV comes from Korea and Taiwan. CCTV from the two countries that this lifetime is approximately 3-5 years and the quality is good. Both the image and the color was recorded in medium quality,

  1. Considers that the resolution of the image.

CCTV security with high resolution is better, if who want to buy CCTC security sharpest in very detail ILLUMINATION (LUX) The image resolution is high, it will make the picture sharper.

  1. Consider the recording device images.

If you want to install CCTV cameras in the headquarters you have to select a NON PC, the machine is quite steady. If you don’t want stability, may also be selected using a PC BASE, it is probably sufficient, Because PC BASE is cheap, and users can connect the device to a PC that can record images in the Hard disk.

  1. After-sales service.

Final Considerations Do not forget to find out about after-sales service of CCTV cameras before you buy, make sure you buy really well.