How to choose to buy housing?

As you know that Housing is installed to protect the CCTV camera and for beauty, however, the purchase of Housing is one that should be studied to make the choice to purchase Housing, with CCTV camera of us correctly.

First, in buying Housing suggest buy the same model with the camera, Because of the same manufacturer. Make the production that match between two product the camera and the Housing itself.

The other considerations in buying a camera is selected to match the type of CCTV Housing and demand, let’s to see Housing.

  1. Housing Type Waterproof. It features of Housing is not produced by it for the purpose of preventing water condensation and humidity of the temperature.
  2. Housing type canopy. The sun is the source of heat and the sun was affected to CCTV camera deteriorate faster. It is the duty of Housing prevent heat from the sun, not to destroy the camera.
  3. The type of Housing with heater. The steam that come attached to the front of the camera. May result in a performance image low down.
  4. Housing type light Infrared. Housing Infrared light is emitted, which makes surveillance cameras can be seen in the dark, but do not worry because Infrared light is light waves at low frequencies that human eyes can’t be seen with the naked eye.
  5. Housing Special. The word that is special. It’s some of the features that we may not be required, because it may be designed to use only in some places.

We can see that the Housing There are various types of use, however if you looking for to buy Housing install with CCTV camera that, you don’t forget consider quality of housing that can prevent you CCTV camera.