How to clean CCTV camera

CCTV camera that when we use for a long time, it may cause the dirty, especially if it happens in front of a dirty lens or a glass lens may be dirty, obscured the light that goes into making CCTV images from cameras that are not clear. So we should have a clean CCTV camera correctly, the clean must not make CCTV camera damage, So, CCTV, one of the electrical equipment, it has to be careful with the cleaning.

First of all, we just need to prepare the device for cleaning of CCTV. By using the cleaning device for CCTV As follows:

  1. Wiping cloths mirror or lens we emphasize the need for a cloth to wipe the mirror or lens only, if you use a different type of fabric may be harmful to CCTV May scratch it affects the image of the camera.
  2. Soft cloth for wiping the soft cloth for wiping the CCTV camera.
  3. Cleaners for glass.
  4. Cobweb broom.
  5. Optional ladder if you install security cameras are high.

Once the device has been fully next, start cleaning them.

  1. Use a broom to sweep cobweb gossamer cobwebs out of the dust before.
  2. Sweep cobweb, then gently spray glass clean, then use a cloth to wipe the mirror or lens gently. Wipe the stain rain Stains, insects, making them lighter, If you can take off the windshield CCTV camera out should clean the windows of both sides is very good.
  3. When we have to wipe clean the CCTV lenses successfully, then use the soft cloth dampened in clean water. Twisted, a damp cloth then wipe around CCTV camera, be careful not to hit the dangerous power lines or circuits.

Before cleaning the CCTV camera, do not forget to turn off electric power to ensure the safety of your life, only that you would clean CCTV camera and a great way, don’t forget to keep dust whisk cobweb to CCTV together frequently.