Differences of television CCTV Analog to IP Camera.

Technological developments of television CCTV camera system, now we have a system with IP Camera and Analog, each system has a different disadvantage, as revealed in the data below.

Analog CCTV television systems.

As many people know that Analog signals are often more susceptible to interference, the advantages of TV camera system is a system with an Analog development before. And development has quite a long time. Therefore it is making elasticity because there are many choices to choose.

Television cameras IP Camera system.

IP Camera CCTV television systems must use a LAN cable or CAT5 instead, this system needs to be set through the IP network.

The advantages of TV system, CCTV IP Camera model is that it can support the work of wireless, Ability to transmit data over long distances accurately and precisely. If you want to add cameras in the network, it can be made easier, Works with high efficiency the image resolution is very high up. There are also other, more safety information.

The disadvantage of television cameras IP Camera, Installation costs or administrator is higher than Analog. Both in terms of equipment costs or even repair bills Maintenance also rises Settings are also higher, because you need a lot of knowledge install.

Now, many of you would know the difference. In terms of advantages and disadvantages of television cameras Analog and TV systems, CCTV and IP Camera. Hopefully, this information will be useful information to choose the right camera for your application.