Different types of CCTV security camera.

There are many types of CCTV cameras to select and use the appropriate requirements of different users, the camera has 5 categories as below.

  1. Standard CCTV security camera.

Standard CCTV Camera or we may know each other in the name of Box Camera by CCTV type is quite popular, commonly used in installations where there is enough light to see clearly. This type of camera is usually installed in the Housing reasons, which often need to install in the Housing to cause the beauty.

  1. CCTV infrared.

CCTV cameras infrared can see image in the darkness, the distance is limited. But we can choose the desired distance capture in the dark has several phases. If you want the camera to capture images in the dark is a standard that it can be done, But the CCTV security must be certified with infrared it can use them.

  1. CCTV dome camera.

CCTV dome cameras, it is similar to a standard, the CCTV cameras will be suited to this type of lighting is appropriate. It is available in several forms, CCTV dome may have infrared makes it possible to record images from the dark. Highlights of the CCTV security camera dome is that it can be rotated around 360 degrees.

  1. CCTV camera hidden.

This is usually a hidden CCTV cameras have external shape same of General CCTV camera, because the camera hidden must be relatively small. It does not want anyone to know it’s a camera. The image quality of this camera, it may not be very clear, the most we can find this kind of CCTV in the form of the detector.