EER the more people buy air conditioner should know.

Some people may not have heard but you know that probably the most important. Air con service will explain you understand, Air con service want you to know that EER is also important as well, as mentioned above, it should be one that is taken into consideration in the purchase of air conditioner used.

EER Energy Efficiency Ratio is also known that in Thailand. Efficiency ratio of air conditioning or writing a simple to understand as it is to measure the energy efficiency of air conditioning that’s good or not, apparently that is the value that is associated with energy use. It is one of the values that we consider to be more about saving electricity of air conditioning in the future. The AC unit was effective in the high energy consumption of air conditioning. Air conditioner will be even better saving a lot.

One of the recommendations if you choose to buy air conditioner for use if you found that the properties of air conditioner that we will buy are two very similar. When you consider both of air conditioner have a saving power number as well, which one choose decided to bought. It is very hard to decide, thus, the EER will have a role in this decision, should be selected air conditioner has the higher EER values used.

Then where will we to see or observe EER? We are able easy to observe the EERs save energy label number 5, knowing these will help your air conditioner efficient use, and saving energy must be used with air conditioner. It is in the long-term benefits in terms of energy saving and with a long lifespan.