How to fix CCTV camera preliminary.

  1. The problem of CCTV camera image blur.

Security issues may blur caused by fogging the glass, let us take the glass out and clean, or if it is not lost The CCTV image blur that can be caused by the lens is not tight, or to adjust the focus error.

  1. Security issues, black screen or no image at all.

This problem may be caused by many reasons but try to test the following, try to remove the device from the camera that is normally used on cameras without pictures look that stick? First, we try to move the CCTV Balun come out with a switch to the normal. If the images from the camera work, it may be a problem from DVR. Damaged.

  1. The problem of CCTV camera doesn’t working all channel.

 The problem is that most of it is caused by damage to the Power Supply adapter or a device power losses, to make CCTV can’t working. This must try power supply and adapter do not working or not, in order to know cause and you have replace correctly.

  1. The issue of CCTV Camera shake or image wavy.

This problem is usually caused the power supply as well, this is often a result of CCTV camera was no electricity as needed as it can get. Is making it work on the part of the CCTV cameras to get pictures, rarely fully.

  1. The CCTV camera is not clear.

This issue of the CCTV camera, it usually comes from the connection point that problems such as, lose or tight when a problem like this, it should be checked according to point in a different, Hopefully the information about the introduction of CCTV solutions that can be found commonly on top.