Get to know Infrared of CCTV camera.

Radiation Infrared is an electromagnet the infrared radiation is a wave of the light spectrum we can see with our eyes. Only infrared radiation that cannot be seen with the naked eye, the red light is a light at the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation in the range of white light or a range of light visible to our eyes.

Generally, the lenses of CCTV cameras is usually have a glass or plastic, if a camera with an infrared lens is a special material that does not look like the lens of a camera which is glass or plastic. But lens of CCTV camera with Infrared is the lens made from (Germanium), the material can be sent via infrared rays enter, we are able to see images of the night. Because all materials to the infrared radiation reflected due to the emission of infrared radiation from the camera, the reason the part made of glass or plastic lenses cannot use properties that can be seen in the dark of the infrared colors because glass and plastic are unable to send via infrared color into.

CCTV cameras with infrared emission of infrared cameras found on the amount of light that is too small. When infrared light is up and running, it will be converted to black and white.

For the installing infrared CCTV cameras should be installed in dark area, if the area is not too dark it still have some little light, installed a CCTV camera Day & Night.

The authors also hope that readers will gain knowledge about radiation and infrared cameras with infrared to not do it. The above information may be helpful in choosing a CCTV camera in the future.