Hard disk used for recording CCTV camera.

When you have CCTV camera and we have to recording for used as evidence in the future, the recording from the CCTV camera is to use hard disk as a recording. The hard disk is used to record this information is available in several forms. It has its advantages and disadvantages of different, so let’s get to know hard disk for recording CCTV camera?

Hard disk can be divided into 3 types.

  1. Hard disk IDE.

Hard disk IDE is old model system and it has product for long time, but at present but the current usage has decreased. Because of the arrival of a hard disk SATA instead, because hard disk IDE is often limited of speed and transfer data.

  1. Hard disk SATA.

Hard disk SATA that interesting because it can make data transfer speeds more, It is the property that is consistent with the nowadays. Such a camera can capture more clearly and transfer data faster,

  1. Hard disk SSD.

SSD hard disk is latest technology it is light weight and small size but the ability to transfer data faster than traditional disk SATA. Safe to store more data. It also lasts longer than other hard drives.

This time, all information is useful to select the hard disk to CCTV together, not less but we must be added that a little more. The camera uses a HDD, IDE and SATA drives to write data to the rotation of the magnetic strip the speed data writing, it’s even faster. But even with the rotation of the magnetic strip much faster it will only heat up. So the best thing for our cameras. Do not forget to have a cooling system with CCTV camera.