Highlights of AC inverter system.

Nowadays we saw advertising on Television, Network about inverter system air conditioner, maybe somebody never to hear that, today Air con service will explain you to understand.

  1. Energy-saving than the old system up to 20-30% by the inverter system air conditioner compressor, the system has to work to reduce its cycle. The AC inverter with these systems, thus allowing it to be an air con-saving light rather quite.
  2. Air conditioner with inverter is cooling faster than conventional air conditioning systems. Inverter when we start up in the first, compressor runs in the high cycle, that’s why the inverter system air cooling is more instant.
  3. In general air conditioner start up working until cooling and then it will cut by itself, this makes users feel that the air conditioner temperature is not constant. But when we use this capacity to put an inverter air conditioning system. You don’t worry about that, if you use air conditioner inverter system, because inverter system to maintain a constant temperature at all times. Without cutting the work of air con, but these are a temperature control by reducing the cycle of the compressor instead.
  4. If you would like to have air conditioner, when start up working and it is not too loud, you have to buy air con inverter system. The inverter systems that reduce the turnaround of work, make the evaporator coil system and injection liquid is slow down.
  5. AC inverter system to keep the air con fresh feel better, the compressor do not cut, the blow coming out from the air conditioner inverter has no smell.
  6. We have heard that refrigeration, most often as a refrigerant chemicals that destroy the ozone layer above the earth, as part of that cause global warming. But AC inverter systems that are environmentally friendly.