To install CCTV camera there is a vocabulary to know.

BLC is an abbreviation of Backlight Compensation, translate to Thai language is exposure compensation, The BLC will make it clear that the object of our interest to see the details.

BNC cable connector that we use in CCTV systems.

Day & Night is a CCTV system, it can be used both day and night, and this works better than conventional cameras, it may not be good if you live in the darkness. May require the help of infrared.

DVR is a word that stands Digital Video Recorder or mean, recorder, digital image. The recording these saves down on the hard disk instead of tape.

White balance is to maintain a balance of white. By the cameras were all have automatic white balance in. To get the white real-time images.

IP Camera is a type of CCTV, which is able to convert the signal from the video images to a digital signal, but must work with the network and also IP Address CCTV.

WDR is short for Wide Dynamic Range The camera will take a picture from 2 different light images overlap, so we can see the details of the image more clearly.

Noise we often see Noise on the image, especially when the camera is in low light, sometimes rarely look the picture because there are Noise interrupt. However, the current technology used to reduce Noise can do better than old camera.

Data Rate or Bitrate is the data, the data rate is the number of video data on the length of the video, one minute.

Image Sensor, if the camera no image sensor we would not have the information, images and video, The Image Sensor, this is a device inside the CCTV cameras that are responsible for converting light received, into electrical signals.