Installation of Air Conditioning sixth great deal to consider.

  • To installation AC unit Handyman advice install the fan coil units and condensing units of uniform fragmented as close together as possible. Handyman said that it will not have to work hard to deliver coolant to flow through the pipe. On the other hand Handyman said it also reduces the cost of the pipe. And insulated, as well as reducing the chance. Leakage of refrigerant
  • Pipe refrigerant from the condenser to the panel cooling duct (Cooling coil) of a modular air conditioning. Insulation with a thickness of about 5 inches, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To prevent refrigerant pipe heat exchange with ambient air along the tube.
  • Position the condensing unit. (Uniform or window) should be in the shade. But not direct sunlight outside air can flow. Should not be placed on the leeward or confined space around the machine must be recommended by the manufacturer.
  • In area where housing is installed condensate unit (or the window) must be careful not to pack several hot air from the machine. Blow into the machine one another should give each hot air from the dryer off.
  • In some area, which has wind constantly in one direction should install a condensate unit housing (or the window) to vent hot air from the machine in the same wind. Don’t clash with nature, because the wind will cause difficulties cooling machine.
  • Fan coil units installation position (or the window) must make a cool breeze from the machine can spread throughout the room.