The installation of air conditioning split type.

Suggestion from handyman of selecting the proper area for the installation of air conditioning is paramount, because the installation of air conditioning is principle allows the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning systems, better and reduce noise too, that’s why handyman recommend you choose proper area for installation air condition.

In choosing the location for installation considerations are as follows.

  • Installation does not cause a lot of noise.
  • No obstacles to the flow of hot air condenser.
  • The installation of an air cooler. Cold air will be sucked in air to circulate better.
  • Pipe liquid to cool and set between the sets of bellows condenser, should not be longer than scheduled.
  • The sewer from a set of bellows cold should transfer conveniently.

Do not install the air conditioner in an area with the environment.

  • The area with the fuel such as the factory repair the engine, etc.
  • The area in a leak of flammable gas. Or certain chemicals which may damage and last for less.

Advice on the installation of air conditioning split basics.

  • The blower cold (Fan coil Unit) be no obstacles to the delivery air. Installation of pipe and liquid drain should be short and simple. Should be installed on the base or wall strength. And should be installed to a height between150 – 180 cm.
  • Condenser (Condensing Unit) should avoid being in the Sun or rain, cooling must be comfortable and sturdy.

Repair AC compressor does not working.

It may be possible – switch the air conditioning was not yet turn on or. (Some are in position off) The control system of the machine, such as a problem with remote control crashes. Adjust the thermostat to the temperature set is too high. Thermostat to make the cut. Install the thermostat or temperature control set in a location exposed to the cold air from blowers direct. Circuit incorrectly or cause a short circuit. Switch off the power to the air conditioning all the time. (Chopped switch to a position on) enter or change a fuse.

How to fix – check the electrical system to find out the cause of the circuit breaker, and then fix them already. Change or fix the repair of the machine control system. Adjust thermostat to a lower temperature, cooling Change the location to install a new thermostat or temperature control set, is in a location that is not exposed to cold winds. Check the electrical circuit and connect the new.