Installation of CCTV security camera what equipment is required?

Many people ready to installation CCTV security, and installation of CCTV security camera what equipment is required. There are many of you think that, it is complicated, the device should be ready to install surveillance cameras, it is just 5 only.

  1. Adaptor or Power Supply This is a matter of installing CCTV security, if doesn’t have adapter, the CCTV security can’t working, it is a device that sends them to the camera. Adaptor or Power Supply that we should select a voltage and electric current as the camera require, information on the voltage and amperage of the camera that you want to be able to find the manual for information on the product, or consult the experts.
  1. Fiber Converted this is a device important to installation CCTV security as well, this device is intended to receive the optical signal into a video camera and send the pictures and then convert them to the control room. In cases where the control room far away out we need to use this device.
  1. Surge Protection this device protects the danger, to your CCTV cameras, it is the duty of Prevent damage to the equipment of CCTV security. In case if the CCTV security camera is hit by lightning, if you do not want the camera there is a danger of lightning, then. Do not forget this device.
  1. Circuit Breaker if we use the overload or a short circuit occurs, the CCTV cameras, Circuit Breaker this device can help prevent danger from this event.
  1. UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply we may know each other in the Thai name simple that power supply backup. UPS is important device because we want all the time.