How do you know when will we should clean air conditioning?

The clean air conditioner is something that should do it. If you are using air conditioner every day, Air con service recommend you have to clean your air con every 3 months. But in case some of them do not have time to clean the air con three frequencies per month.

  1. First you have observe your air conditioner by turn on air con that mean how often did you using that AC unit. If you are often used it, you have to often to clean, so if leave it for dust to accumulate in this much more.
  2. Another one you have to observe is the area or resident you live, if your house nearby on the road and you air conditioner will get dirtier than a house far away from the street. We should observe the area we are living such as the construction areas, the area is often burned for agriculture, etc. But maybe we do not know the amount of smoke that these are around, we may observe cap of compressor, if it has dust you have to clean it.
  3. If you have the pet with you in a room air conditioner, you have to clean your air conditioner more often.

However, the clean air conditioner is good for users too much, both of save on energy costs. And extends the useful life of the air conditioner. We should clean the air conditioner when we have opportunities, don’t leave these dust inside our AC unit, not just because it would result in the loss of power or a shorter lifespan but also adversely affect our health as well.