Knowing the cause and fix the air conditioner loud.

The problems that come with air-conditioning loud is annoying, everybody is looking for silent air conditioner for use in order to not disturb when we are working, air conditioner start up working and loud make the user annoy. Some people had this problem in the bedroom, when we are sleeping we need only silent, someone doesn’t turn on air conditioner we they go to bed because our AC unit had loud. Today Air con service will explain for solution about air conditioner, Air con service will tell you how do you do when your AC unit have problem.

The problem to make our AC unit loud it occur many causes, the solution will also vary according to the cause of this.

  1. May occur from the bearing may deteriorate.
  2. May occur from a refrigerant much or too little.
  3. May occur from of a montage of Magnetics AC unit.
  4. May occur from air mask began to decay or rubber deterioration.

 Solving the problem of noise the air conditioner that can only be done as follows.

  1. If the preliminary surveys of the air con, and then find that cause air noise caused by bearing deterioration, we must understand that the bearings are intended to reduce friction. If the bearings begin to deteriorate. And the friction causes noise. To fix may need to be changed bearings.
  2. If you found the refrigerant much or too little, you have to adjust refrigerant in standard, only that your AC unit will stop loud voice.
  3. If you found your AC unit occur from of a montage of Magnetics, you have to change Magnetics, the price is not expensive, it about 200-400 Bath.
  4. If you found, your AC unit occur from air mask began to decay or rubber deterioration and we have to change air mask.