Knowledge of dirt, dust, mold, air conditioning.

Hello, today Handyman we have the article tell you, this article discusses the air conditioning at the well-known guys. Who will know and understand that this air conditioning makes us cool vacuum dust extraction and the disease will make a better atmosphere in the summer like this could become a good source of breeding germs. Handyman need to tell you that, this article is how to recognize and protect these pathogens is knowledge.

Notice that when we turn on the air conditioner. A smelly comes with cold wind? If there is a smelly comes with the wind cold when we turn on the air conditioner. That is the signal that air conditioning we use it is disease and accumulates in the air conditioning. Because these smelly often originate from pathogens accumulate, and out of the ventilation cooling. And the air filter of our air conditioning.

How to prevent mold, dust in the air conditioner.

We should clear the air regularly. Rinse the filter with a check at least once a month and each year, one should wash the air conditioning system fully. Helps eliminate dust and germs perched on different parts of our air conditioning.

Should take care of the environment in the air as well. For a house where a ledge. Many shelves and cabinets. Makes a lot of dust and Germs Island. Must clean it frequently to get rid of the fungus. Do not let the damp or odor home in our room, the air conditioning is on.

Not only is our air conditioning the only breeding ground for germs fine. Our fans, too the dust and germs are everywhere. The island is part of the fan blades of the fan of us. In order to protect themselves from the disease. To clean our fans and air conditioners once a month.

When sanitization of what’s around, then please pay attention to the gym health? To create immunity in our body, so strong to fight against various diseases and germs.