How to maintain air conditioner when you are allergy?

At present we are into a state of pollution floating in the temperature at a level that is almost dangerous. If you live in the city you will get side effect, for people who is allergy Air con service would recommend take care yourself, however, these temperature pollution isn’t just outside, and it also come into air conditioner that we use.

Someone who is allergic, it may often think that you live inside the room air conditioner and avoid touching the temperature outside is safe for people are allergic. But in fact that air conditioner may be the culprit of allergies, because of the dust. The fumes that may have both toxic and non-toxic, may come into our air conditioner. Which the air conditioner are often collecting these germs and dust, therefor what we should realize for who is an allergic.

Therefore, maintain air conditioner for who is allergic should do the following:

  1. As a matter of health care who is the allergy may hear from advice from doctors, should exercise and eating a healthy diet.
  2. To live in ventilate is important as well. Should not only live in the air conditioner room.
  3. Should not bring pets to feed in the air conditioner room. Because of its fur can cause recurrent symptoms you out.
  4. For those who are allergic should be clean air con frequently. To reduce the accumulation of dust particles. That may dangerous with who is an allergic.
  5. Should be choose air conditioner has filter, having a filter inside air conditioner, this reduces the dust which may harmful to us.

The important thing for those who are allergic, clean the air conditioner frequently and an option to purchase an air filtration system, only this you will not get an allergic when you work in room air conditioner.