To maintain hard disk of CCTV camera.

Of course we have a CCTV camera was not enough this requires an optional hard disk recording into the events of the past, so take care of your hard disk it’s a good thing that should be done, because it allows the hard disk of the CCTV recording of our last longer.

To prevent these incidents cited above is the DC Backup or the UPS device is described as a device that is responsible for backup power in the event of a power outage. Making the electricity to hard disk regularly so it makes it hard disk with a long use.

Protection and surveillance cameras hard to work well is to close the DVR properly, do not pull the plug as soon as we are not in use. If we do not use the DVR then you should shut down its steps are as follows.

  1. Sign in to your system.
  2. Sign in is completed, press and hold the Power button.
  3. Then we came back to the standoff.
  4. Then pull the plug out.

This is way turn off the DVR correctly, which just wasting time a little but we can extend the life of hard disk longer, it is good for all the data on the hard disk. For those who haven’t bought the backup generator to the hard disk when the read data written above you will know that it is damage to our hard disk, therefore you should buy the backup to your CCTV camera.

The maintenance and care of the hard disk, these are the basis of the hard disk, the hard disk of the computer that was used to record the CCTV images widely. Thus, these data can be applied to all computer equipment used by hard disk as well.