We need to save energy power and turn on air conditioner at 25 degree, can it help?

Everyone want to help save energy or reduce energy costs in the home, we should also be turn on air con temperature of about 25 degrees. Even Air con service had thought as well, today Air con service has data, turn air conditioner at 25 degrees, then it really does help save energy. With the right knowledge and understanding in this matter.

We understand that the turn on air con at 25 degrees Celsius, a temperature that will save the most electricity. From which we get from advertising. The campaign the subject of saving, but in fact that they are campaigning turn on air con a temperature of 25 ° C. The temperature is quite comfortable to our bodies in generous quantities and also save energy power, but when I try to learn on the part of the work of the air, it will make us understand these. If we turn on high temperature air conditioner will consume less power, this is the reason that’s why we camping turn on air con at 25 degrees Celsius.

If we know the function of the air conditioner, we will understand more. Air con service will give you example in or der to more understand, if a temperature our room 34 high, when we turn on the air con temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, air con will start cooling at 25 degrees Celsius. And then when the air con temperature as we’ve defined it, then it will cut off, if we imagine that we will set the temperature at 27 degrees C, it will cut off to work faster than the time set at 25 degrees Celsius, that is why the temperature is higher it will saving power.