Risk for Pneumonia if you do not clear the air for a long time.

Air con service suggest you, take care the air con is the right thing to do anyway. If it does not clear the air very long, it may cause serious adverse effects such as pneumonia it. Air con service need you to read this article.

The Department of Health has revealed that the data came out, we did not clear the air for a long time. The air is very humid, which is a collection of many diseases. When we use the air conditioner that is not clear on this for a long time. Our bodies may have accumulated so many germs from the air, these. We are the disease. So the Department of Health is reminding us to follow is to maintain the cleanliness of the air. Air to be washed frequently to reduce the accumulation of these germs.

The air humidity is very high, which is an ideal environment for the growth of germs, of which there are many different types of bacteria. Fungi and viruses. If we breathe in the bacteria into our body, may be there are two causes of lung inflammation, severe cough, chills and fever and more symptoms that resemble the flu called influenza.

See clearly that the use of air without caring about cleanliness. Will affect our body. Therefore, we should take care of cleaning air conditioner frequently wash with soapy water or a disinfectant. The air conditioner will clean often or not. It must depend on the environment you live and your own applications.

If you are a health concern and do not want anyone to be sick with pneumonia to severe air. Do not forget to bring your air conditioner cleaned frequently. We may think that the air might be pathogenic, but we cannot do anything. You should think so after reading this article. To clean the air, it will have a positive effect. In addition to these dangerous pathogens, inhibition, also help save energy and extend the lifetime of the air.