View CCTV via Internet What equipment do you need.

Nowadays, we are able to trace CCTV images easily, and equipment to enhance the ability to the camera that was barely affordable, it also easy to find. Some of equipped is use in the house, just set up a network of CCTV cameras that we can see through the Internet as well, with current technology, we are able to track and see CCTV real time through the Internet.

Router be used with this CCTV camera, it is basically the same as the normal Router, we will use these Router using its properties, in that it is able to forward port and also the function of depositing with IP Server, also known as Dynamic DNS. Only the port of our Router to LAN cable attached to at least one port, so that we can continue to the DVR.

  1. Internet

We will be able to view CCTV real time CCTV camera will be able to upload these images through data transport, called the Internet. The speed of the internet was fast enough to watch images from the CCTV cameras can’t be halted. And do not be worried that it will slow down the speed of the Internet in any way at all.

  1. LAN cable.

LAN cable, is in order to connect the DVR with the Router, so that will upload images from CCTV cameras over the Internet.

  1. Account Dynan’s

We’ll keep to the left IP where we can see the images by CCTV. Although the number IP it will be changed.

  1. Receiver destination

The device will use the terminal is a notebook computer, smart phone or tablet, Just need to have the software installed.

Just now, we have the equipment, we will be able to view the CCTV camera anywhere, anytime we have an Internet signal and the receiver.