How to solution air conditioner has smell smoke?

Some people are like smoke in the room air con, today Air con service will tell you that problem, when you smoke in the room the problem was coming after that, the smell of smoke is very bad even you stop smoking in the room. Air con service doesn’t you to be like that and how do you solution.

Today, so Air con service has an article on solves the problem of cigarette odor without having air technician, you can do this easily in the 4th text as suggested below.

  1. Switching air conditioning. Then gradually remove the air filter inside out. If you can’t do it, you have to read the manual and follow the instructions in it.
  2. Use a soft brush, then use a small toothbrush. Or to damp cloth and mild soap. Wipe the dirt around the filter.
  3. When cleaning air filter inside already, and bring to injection with spray fragrance. Then bring the filters to dry completely and then put air filter back into inside.
  4. When finished put the air filter, leave it turn on for a while in or der to expel smell bad out. If you have smell again you don’t worry about that because that is only just beginning. When you turn on air for a while, the smell of smoke slowly and eventually disappear.

Only 4 text you can rid smell of smoke by yourself, you don’t want air technician. If there are problems with this, do not forget how this 4 anyway. After you air conditioner has smell of smoke will to return give you the fresh temperature with you. However, you should not be smoking a cigarette in the room, because it will create problems in the future again.