How do you take care of the air conditioner in the rainy season?

Right now is beginning of rainy season, the problem of air conditioner would come to us in the rainy season. To take care of our air con, how to stay with us for a long time, the method take care AC unit is not complicated just to read the article of Air con service below.

When the rainy season arrives, rain will create very high humidity outside, the heavy raining to create problem with our air con is moisture from the rain outside into the inside of the power electric system, air conditioner. If our air con exposed to moisture getting into the air con until it touches into a circuit, or power cable may cause the AC unit inside electrocuted and damage. Therefor Air con service would you take care your Ac unit, first you have to see our air con is a good condition or not, if your AC unit has problem, you must to call air technician to fix.

Installing air conditioner generally since the first technicians often have to install, and often have a separate circuit breaker of the air with light and other electrical appliances, when begin the rainy season, appearing frequently at events is a natural lightning. If there is lightning to occur, thus making the system does not affect the other lights inside the house, but if you are not sure if the installed to this part yet, you should called the technician come to install.

One thing we would like to recommend you, if there is a power outage you have to turn off breaker in order to prevent electric current come in, if electric current come in it will make your AC unit damage.