To turn on air conditioner in the room child.

Some parents may be take care children in the room air conditioner, in order to make their children feel comfortable. Air con service have technique offer you how to turn on air con for your children.

  • To adjust the temperature, not too cold. By adjusting the temperature, in the range 25-27 degrees to make little boys feel comfortable
  • The temperature in the room is not too cold. And are distributed throughout in the room, Parents should adjust the fan mode to Auto Swing mode and set up sleep mode.
  • In the morning and evening, it’s gotten pretty cold. Because the sun doesn’t set, resulting in very high temperatures. So during this time, it should be not turn on air con.
  • To put a child or a child seat should not be in the direction that the air con will come down directly. Should avoid the way the wind may make children get sick.
  • Don’t let these children’s room long time. Should be open to allow fresh temperature from the outside get into the room? At least 3-4 hours per day and should open the curtain to let the sunlight in order to kill bacteria?
  • If you will use air conditioner in the room kid, you should avoid using air con movement such as air steam, because the type of air conditioner is cause your children inhaling water into body and the pneumonia.
  • If parents are interested, air purifiers, you don’t buy, parents might worry about children in clean, and it’s true but your air con are you using, it is air purification, so before you buy, check out the guide air.