Type of air conditioner.

When we want to buy, we should study the type of air conditioner, because each type of AC unit so there are advantages and disadvantages, includes some features that you want and do not want. Therefore if you will to AC Air con service suggest you know some information, Air con service belief that, anyone need to have great quality and would take a long lifespan and durability.

Air conditioner can be divided into 6 categories as follows.

  1. Wall mounted AC unit. Most people use wall mounted AC unit in the daily life, wall mounted AC unit small size is properly with small bedroom, small living room.
  • The advantage is small size, modern design look, it is easy to install with silence.
  • The disadvantages is air conditioner quite small size, it is not properly with work hard.
  1. Floor standing AC unit or hang mounted AC unit is properly use with small room, large room and even use with the office.
  • The advantage is the ability to use a wide range, you able choose installation.
  • The disadvantages is that there are quite a few models to choose.
  1. Floor standing AC unit is properly store.
  • The advantage is very easy installation and it is not complicated and can also be cooling too quickly.
  • The disadvantages is quite large and can’t use with small area.
  1. Air conditioner ceiling mounted is properly with the area needed cold.
  • The advantage is a stunning beauty, and save space in the room.
  • The disadvantages is quite complicated installation.
  1. Window air conditioner is the air condensing unit and fan coil units in the same machine.
  • The advantage is save the area installation, because you don’t separate between evaporator coil and compressor.
  • The disadvantage is complicated installation because it is too large and it loud when it start working.
  1. Air movement is AC don’t need to install, small size and easy to move.
  • The advantage is that no installation hassles, easy to use, small size and compact.
  • The disadvantage is that the cooling is not very broad, the cooling efficiency is relatively low.