Types of CCTV lenses.

The camera lens is an accessory of all kinds, even CCTV lenses would have as well, the lens for the camera, and there are many different types. Each type has different features. The cameras installed in different locations may require different kinds of lenses for CCTV.

Before you get to know the individual lenses, getting to know the work of IRIS, IRIS is the channel that allows light through the lens which acts to include light image from the exposure that has been coming through to the CCD. After the light through the IRIS. Determination of light through the channel of IRIS gives image intensity as we want.

Types of CCTV lenses.

  1. FIX the lens IRIS is set to a size that allows light through the channels with fixed sizes cannot be changed, the lens is so often used with CCTV cameras in the building. Or where there is light, relatively constant all the time.
  2. . MANUAL IRIS lenses can adjust the light to pass through or by IRIS can be adjusted by technicians who install surveillance cameras, for this type of camera lens is suitable for the light for anisotropic, and the right to work in the building.
  3. AUTO IRIS lens is the lens IRIS channels can be adjusted, as appropriate, of the light intensity, without the technicians install CCTV cameras to get set IRIS to us. So this type of lens is a lane for CCTV in public or suitable for installation outside the building. Since the external light is not much uniformity.

Selection of lenses for cameras. If we choose without question or find out before. The opportunity that we use lens very inappropriate. The images may be blurry it could not find out the details. Or it may be wasted by using reason we bought from Lens.

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