Various modes of remote control air conditioner.

We see various modes of air conditioner but “Maybe we didn’t use some mode. Because we not sure each mode how to use it, today Air con service will explain you. Air con service need you understand, because it is important for who has own air conditioner.

  1. Auto mode.

Actually auto mode is not suitable for use in the house, but as some people may prefer this mode. Air conditioner will switch between modes on the mode Cool and Dry, then the temperature and wind speed automatic the air con itself. The sensors will measure the temperature of the air inside the room. Then switch to the appropriate temperature in the room at that time we did not have to do anything.

  1. Cool mode.

Cool mode is the mode of cooling, it often is the mode we used it. A mode where we can set the temperature you like it. The air conditioner is in cooling mode all times, and always maintain a constant temperature. The temperature can be set as desired. This mode can also adjust the fan speed as well.

  1. Dry mode.

In normally, this mode is not used very often. This mode is used to reduce the humidity in the room. Therefore, if we are not required to reduce the humidity in the room, we would not need to use this mode. When we set our air conditioner in Dry mode, we can’t set the temperature manually, the air temperature must be set manually.

  1. Fan mode.

Fan mode is often not used much, in this mode, we were able to adjust the temperature, wind speed. The wind came out of this mode will not be a cool breeze. There was only wind temperature of a room, although this mode is rarely used, it is still useful specifically, the air conditioner has smell. Before you turn off the air con and you have to turn on the air conditioner Fan mode, the 10-20 min it will help blow the moisture which is causing the smell.

  1. Heat mode.

This mode is a model that the heating mode but the Heat mode, this just came in Thailand recently. We see that some models have heat mode and some models don’t have. Because operators in Thailand that would not necessarily be sold in Thailand, only the temperature in the room is warm enough.