What’s different between CCTV Dome and speech Dome

Many people have seen and heard or known CCTV Dome and CCTV Speed Dome, Many people may wonder that these two species have different cameras? Because of the shape and its function is similar to each other.

CCTV Dome.

CCTV Dome is proper with the light, there light at quite regularly and have adequate lighting, because of this, CCTV Dome it resembles a standard CCTV, Just a little different on the subject of beauty. Installation Exterior and the CCTV Dome can be rotated 360 degrees, it is a 360 degree rotating camera is that it has a circle around it. I cannot give it up or bent like CCTV Speed Dome.

CCTV Speed Dome.

Speed Dome Camera models that can do many things out of our control, by using the camera controls, we can get the picture we want, because the Speed Dome Camera will rotate itself all the time. So it must have staff on hand to control it is to follow orders as required, By CCTV Speed Dome can be rotated 360 degrees in a circle around it so it can be up or down to change the angle of view, you can also zoom. CCTV Speed Dome Camera is the ideal place to monitor and control all the time, There is a wide area and applications that need to look at the big picture: such as a warehouse.